Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

It has been a particularly wonderful Friday the 13th for me! In my last entry, I said that I sent away for the death certificate of a woman I hoped was my great-grandmother. Well, I received the DC in the mail today - AND IT IS!!

I'd like to introduce you to Mary C. (Lothringer) Eckam, widow of Fred Eckam, who died 12 November 1941 in Aurora, Erie County, NY. She was born in Buffalo, NY to Charles Lothringer and Barbara Martz on 23 September 1874. (DC actually says 1864, but lists age as 67. I have multiple other sources that also confirm 1874.) The death certificate lists the place of burial as Mount Hope Cemetery in Ebenezer, NY. I've been to that cemetery countless times and I've never seen a stone for her (or her husband!). I've heard my dad mention they may not have had a headstone. Next steps - contacting the cemetery, and finding her obituary. I can't believe all the times I've been to that cemetery -- and may have walked right over her head! How frustrating!

I am absolutely blown away by how quickly I received the death certificate! I received the date of death on Tuesday (August 10th!), mailed a check and request for the certificate to the town clerk the next morning, and received it today! It's amazing.

I hope your Friday the 13th has been as exciting as mine!

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