Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday a.k.a. WDYTYA Night

I didn't watch the first season of Who Do You Think You Are? until well after the episodes had originally aired, so I am having a blast watching them live this time around, especially while liveblogging on Twitter with other fellow genealogists.

I really enjoyed last week's episode with Rosie O'Donnell. It was very touching, and I found myself welling up with tears throughout much of the show. It was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far. It was nice to see the research done on a collateral line, and the initial research being triggered by a mysterious photograph. Oh, and another common problem was also addressed: multiple spellings of surnames. It was a nice reminder to be thorough during searches. I know I've been guilty of passing by a name in the past because "that's not how it's spelled", only to come back at a later date and discover it was in fact the family I was looking for. Oops.

It was great to see all the offline records used. It's a nice reminder that not everything can be found "on the computer." As much as I'd like to have every single genealogical document at my fingertips at 3am in my pajamas, I'm painfully aware of how little is actually on the internet (especially about rural ancestors!).

I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode with Kim Cattrall. Last week they hinted at a scandal, and we all love a good scandal, don't we? ;)

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  1. Kim Cattrall's story originally aired on the BBC version of WDYTYA. Tonight's episode used the same footage shot for the BBC show. It's a compelling story and well worth retelling for the USA audience.